Buyers Guide: How to choose the right Size TV Unit

How do I find the right sized TV Stand for my TV?

Choosing the right sized TV Stand is quick and easy when you know how and our buyer’s guide will give you some expert to tips to ensure you find the perfect fit for you. If you need any further advice, you can contact our sales team on 0345 3405324 or chat to us online via our livechat service.

How are TVs actually measured?

Using a 55 inch TV as an example, the first and most important thing to note is this is actually the diagonal measurement of the screen itself, measured from the bottom left to the top right corner and it does not include the frame of the TV.

When choosing a TV Console Table or TV Stand, ideally the total horizontal width of the tv, including the frame, should be equal to or less than the total width of the TV unit itself. The easiest way to check this measurement is by using a measuring tape but if you don’t have one to hand, the TV manufacturer’s website should provide the horizontal measurement. You can also use our handy conversion chart below…

Converting Diagonal Measurements into Horizontal

Please note this is just a guide and it does not include the width of the frame surrounding the screen. Fenstone’s TV stands are categorised by TV size to include the width of the screen itself, plus a 5cm allowance for the frame – ensuring this all fits within the total width of the unit.


Yes. As long as the base of the TV fits on the stand, then you can place an oversized tv on a small tv stand. At Fenstone we catergorise all of our TV Units by size to ensure the TV width is slightly less than the width of the unit – this is for safety reasons. If the TV overhangs the total width of the unit, it is possible to knock the TV off the stand - when turning off plug sockets for example. So yes, it is possible to place a larger TV on a smaller stand but buyer discretion is advised.


The ideal height of a TV Stand will ensure that your eyeline is as close to level with the centre of the TV as possible when in a seated position. The ideal viewing distance is approximately twice the size of your TV, so if you have a 50 inch TV, the ideal viewing distance is around 100 inches.

The same principle applies to a bedroom TV stand, the centre of the TV should be around eye level when in a resting position.