3 Drawer Chest – The Perfect Partner To Your Wardrobe

The bedroom is the oasis of relaxation and the place where you will come back to at the end a busy day. However,  when you find clothes and clutter piling up in your bedroom, it can make it more difficult to relax. If you need to free up valuable floor space in your bedroom, you can hide all the things you would rather not have on display in a chest of drawers. We all want our bedroom to look stylish, whilst offering genuinely practical storage that makes everyday living a little easier. A 3 drawer chest then,is a perfect addition to help you achieve this.

A 4 drawer chest is also a popular choice for many people since you can store away more of the everyday items you want to keep out of sight. But if you have even greater storage requirements, then you can either choose a 5 drawer chest or 6 drawer chest based on your room. A chest of drawers is usually a charming and versatile piece of furniture and you can browse a wide range of quality pieces at Fenstone Furniture.

How do you pick the perfect 3 drawer chest to suit your room?

A chest of drawers is a great storage solution which can meet different storage needs and provides an essential complement to your wardrobe. You can use a3 drawer chest either to store your clothes or to store other essential things. But make sure you choose the right number of drawers based on your own individual requirement. A stylish chest of drawers is available as a 4 drawer chest, 5 drawer chest, 6drawer chest and so on.

A stylish 4 drawer chest or 6 drawer chest will add extra beauty to the bedroom particularly where you have a matching wardrobe. Even though many people wish to have a wardrobe in a room, many essential items are best stored away in a bedroom chest. For these extra items the chest of drawers will be very helpful. Also, the top of the drawers provides a great place to display your favorite pictures too or even a TV.Just be sure that your chest of drawers fits the space you have available.

In addition to measuring external dimensions, when you purchase a 5 drawer chest or more, make sure you choose the right depth and height of drawers so enough internal storage is available to hold all of your essential items.Also, style is of course an important factor when you choose a chest of drawers. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary look and feel,there are plenty of designs to choose with sizes usually starting with a 3 drawer chest and going up to as many as 10 drawers. If you’re looking to buy a high-quality and appealing chest of drawers, visit Fenstone Furniture where you can find all types of furniture for your home at affordable prices.